Kintamani. Bali
Designer and architect: Sergey Domogatsky
Complex of kinetic villas in the crater of a volcano in Bali
On the island of Bali, a complex of unusual villas-observatories Reflection Deep Sky is being built, which have a kinetic (opening) roof. Stars can be observed through a huge glass measuring 3 by 6 meters at night.

The complex is located in the crater of the Batur volcano. The area is poorly lit. Anyone can enjoy the stunning starry sky as each villa has its own telescope.

The complex is located at an altitude of 1480 meters above sea level, in the Kintamani region, where it can be quite cool. At night, the temperature can drop to 15 degrees. That is why, in each villa there is a sauna, where guests can warm up and relax.

Looking up at the night sky and relaxing in the sauna is a great way to have a rest. But that is not all! Each villa is equipped with a laser projector so that guests can entertain themselves by watching movies!

The main feature of the complex is the glass roof. But during the day it can get very hot due to the scorching sun. Therefore, the architect Sergey Domogatsky, who has designed and built the Reflection Deep Sky complex, has developed a kinetic roof too. It will be closed electrically.

Villas in Bali Reflection Deep Sky Open in Instagram
Architect Sergey Domogatsky Open in Instagram